Patient Stories

I saw him and he told me that i 100% didn't have hyperparathyroidism. He told me it was all in my head and i should look into seeing a psychiatrist. That was May 2016. I knew there was something in my neck and flew across the country in June 2016 to a parathyroid expert, had surgery and they pulled out a large adenoma. I found Dr. Yeh to be highly incompetent. Get an attorney

I am sorry to hear. I flew from Guam all the way to Cali to have him do the surgery because i was told he was the best! My Health has been declining and still working on things. I have frequent tightness in my throat which I'm now thinking maybe part of surgery that they may have tightened the muscles a little too much.

Please contact me. I suffered permanent hypoparathyroidism, mood (depression) and voice and swallowing problems; and nearly died after receiving thyroid cancer surgery from Dr. Yeh in 2015. He said there was less than 1% chance of these these things happening to me. He even wrote this down and ikept it as documentation. He also told me, based on his pre-op ultrasound, that he was certain my tumor was localized. Only after the path. report did he tell me it was metastatic to 5 cevical lymph nodes.

I just saw Dr. Yeh for a consult on a second surgery. He let his students do all the work and in the end he told me he didn't want to do the surgery because he couldn't see the cancer. I had to do another round of RAI which causes my glands to swell and compromise my breathing.
Thank you for sharing. I will not go back to him. Instead i will go with Dr. Harari i saw her first but my oncologist said to go to Dr.Yeh.
Thank you so much for the heads up.

Patient experience after Mike Yeh performed a thyroidectomy. Dr. Yeh claimed to be a world renowned expert, and then, he gave this patient a paralyzed vocal cord, damaged his parathyroids, left residual cancer behind, and impaired his voice and swallowing. The result, a vocal cord implant and lifelong need to take calcium supplements.